Friday, January 13, 2017

Healthy eating tips for holiday parties

1. Be choosy with your boozy

I’m starting with alcohol because that is usually what does most of us in calorically. Assuming that we’re not the designated driver, it feels festive to have some holiday cheer, and probably a bit more than we normally would. You can partake in some booze-enhanced merrymaking, but to make sure you’re not the one with the lampshade on your head at the end of the office holiday party, take my advice and stick to the basics. 

There's often a signature drink or punch at holiday soirees — they look festive, but steer clear. They generally have lots of added sugar in the form of juice mixes and liqueurs and rack up calories quickly. Plus, sugary cocktails can make you hungrier later on thanks to the huge spike in blood sugar they create. Using sugar-free mixers isn’t the solution — they’ll just make you get inebriated faster. Instead, stick with beer, wine and straight up liquor with seltzer. And make sure you follow my 1:1 rule — one alcoholic drink per hour, followed by a tall glass of water. Your liver can only process one drink per hour. Here’s a cheat sheet for standard drinks: 

5 ounces of red or white wine = 125 calories
12 ounces of beer = 153 calories
12 ounces of light beer = 105 calories
5 ounces of Champagne: 110 calories
1½ ounces of Bailey’s Irish Cream = 144 calories
4 ounces of port = 180 calories 

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